STRIKER Power Systems

Striker Power Systems is a full-service motive power and charger company based in the U.S. with a focus on maximizing your customer’s uptime. We take the time to understand the material handling needs to provide you with customized solutions. Our experience allows us to uncover problems, issues or potential safety hazards; we know what to look for at your customer’s application. Striker Power Systems has a complete offering of batteries, chargers and accessories to deliver the best solution to meet the demands of every application.

Batteries: Tubular & Flat-Plate, Water-less, Sealed, Fast Charge, Reconditioned & Lithium Technology

Chargers: 1 & 3 Phase, Opportunity, Fast Charge, High Frequency, Multi Voltage & Lithium Technology

Battery Handling Equipment, Watering Systems & Fleet Management

Battery Room Build & Design, Sales & Technical Training

Our recommendations are customized based on your needs. We want to develop lasting relationships so that we can continue to support your business. Let Striker Power Systems guide your business to be more productive.

Striker Power Systems. The Power Behind Your Business.