Ravas Mobile Weighing

RAVAS manufactures and distributes mobile weighing solutions, integrated in hand pallet jacks, electric rider trucks and forklift trucks. These mobile weighing systems enable you to weigh and measure your goods during transport. In addition, our connectivity solutions help you improve logistics and optimize workflows and supply chains in all industries. Here’s a brief overview of RAVAS mobile weighing solutions for forklift trucks.


RAVAS is famous for its iForks. Weighing forks that offer high accuracy, Lithium ion battery packs, and no cabling nor external components. The improved 320 driver display offers attractive new features, like standard Bluetooth 4.0 data transfer. iForks are available with 2.3” and 1.9” fork height. All iForks are compatible with the RAVAS user and service app.

Hydraulic scales

The RCS Hy-Q-52 is RAVAS’ latest hydraulic scale, equipped with a 5200 touch screen indicator. This highly intuitive indicator only shows those function keys that are relevant to the ongoing operation of the scale. The 5200 indicator comes standard with Bluetooth 4.0 and with an app to collect the data. RCS Hy-Q-52 is an accurate hydraulic scale with relatively simple installation procedures. There is no manifold block, just a pressure sensor installed on a hydraulic line on the forklift. A speed bar is installed against the mast, with magnetic sensors that measure the lifting speed. All hydraulic scales are compatible with the RAVAS user and service app.

LTS Carriage plates

Recently, RAVAS has acquired LTS Scale to further develop the US market for mobile weighing solutions. Consequently, RAVAS has added the LTS Carriage plates to its range. The carriage plate scale is mounted onto the original carriage plate of the truck and the attachment in turn is mounted onto the weighing carriage plate via standard FEM fittings.

The LTS High-Vis carriage plate was designed to provide improved visibility for lift truck operators. The design enhances the lift truck operator’s productivity by improving operational safety and reducing damage caused to valuable cargo. Constructed of solid steel, the High-Vis scale’s rugged design retains the exceptional features of our traditional scale base including superior load sample linearity, enhanced serviceability, improved heel-to-toe/fork-to-fork accuracy and a variety of safety features. We also offer the Legacy Scale, a single tension load cell with 0.1% accuracy. All LTS Carriage plates are available with a Microsoft® Windows Thor™ VM3 Vehicle-Mount Computer.

For more information check our website: https://www.ravas.com/en.