LTS Scale

LTS Scale is the industry leader in mobile weighing solutions. LTS Scale designs and manufactures both NTEP-Certified (Legal for Trade) and Non-NTEP lift truck-mounted scales, compatible with both proprietary and third party indicators.

Founded in 1994, LTS Scale quickly became a leader in the mobile weighing industry thanks to its engineering and manufacturing standards and innovative approach to solving industrial weighing challenges. Shortly after its inception, LTS Scale became the first scale company to receive NTEP certification (Legal for Trade) for its mobile weighing solutions and has held an industry leadership position since then.

LTS Scale established the design standards for most of the mobile weighing systems available today. Lift truck scales developed by LTS Scale initially featured a unique single load cell design that is extremely useful for a wide variety of shipping and receiving operations and applications in virtually every segment of the industrial marketplace.

While the single load cell design continues as our legacy product, recent product releases include a new High-Vis scale base that incorporates a dual load cell design. The High-Vis was designed to provide improved visibility for lift truck operators, thereby reducing damage to cargo.

Lift truck scales are a high-payback weighing solution for warehouse and industrial environments where product or pallet weight capture is a part of a company’s workflow. Capturing the weight directly on the lift truck eliminates inefficiency and safety issues characteristic of floor scales. Lift truck operators avoid traffic bottlenecks, wasted time and reduce potential for damage with excessive handling.

LTS Scale is committed to continuing its tradition of innovation and industry leadership and is continuously developing new products while improving our existing scales and indicators. Recently, LTS Scale introduced Cubix, a cargo-dimensioning system that uses advanced technology to measure the cubic volume displaced by a pallet of cargo. The NTEP-certified CubiX allows trucking and logistics companies to recapture lost revenue, optimize loads and document the condition and location of cargo to minimize freight disputes.

LTS Scale’s customer base represents a broad cross-section of shipping and material handling companies, including leading freight and logistics companies who rely on mobile weighing as a key element of their business models.

LTS Scale operates from a modern industrial manufacturing facility in Twinsburg, Ohio.