Harris-Stolper is a premium, operator cab fabricator. We work with forklift manufacturers and dealers across North America to deliver a world-class product and experience.

OEMs and dealers look to Harris when they’re:

  • Committed to offering an exceptional quality cab that blends seamlessly with the aesthetics and functionality of the truck.
  • Under significant pressure to meet deadlines and need an agile partner who will honor agreed upon lead times. Every. Single. Time.
  • Frustrated from dealing with other cabs that are difficult to install, or don’t fit as promised.
  • Facing competitive threats and lost opportunities because they can’t accommodate customizations or special requests.
  • Fed up with unresponsive vendors who can’t supply replacement parts when their customers need them.
  • Striving to find a turnkey advantage that sets them apart.
  • Finally, tired of cheap alternatives that compromise visibility or neglect standard safety features.

We provide enhanced forklift productivity.  Our specialties include lift truck cabs, accessories, replacement parts and custom engineered solutions.

What makes us different?

  • Nobody responds faster or prioritizes customer service like us – it’s our obsession.
  • The safety, durability and consistency standards of our craftsmanship let your customers extract more value from their purchase.
  • Our cabs are engineered to ensure a perfect fit.
  • We are your go-to source for customizations and special requests that others won’t (or can’t) entertain. We’ve seen it all.
  • One of the largest assortments of forklift cab designs available in North America.